How To Sharpen Your Serrated Knives The Right Way


Although your serrated knives will still cut as they grow dull, you will begin to notice a tearing or shredding action rather than smooth cuts. If this is happening, then it is time to sharpen your knife. Sharpening dull serrated blades can be a bit more difficult than sharpening plain blades. Maintaining serrations is important if you want your knife to cut well, but they do require a bit more experience to sharpen. Serrated blades can also take longer to sharpen than a similarly sized plain blade.

The good news is that because of the design of a serrated edge, the serrations actually take longer to become dull than a plain edge, even on the same knife. The sharp points on the serrations start the cut, and the curved parts between these points are relatively protected, experiencing less pressure, which keeps them sharper for a longer period.

To sharpen serrated blades you’ll need to find the right knife sharpener. Look for a sharpener that is specifically designed to be used with serrated blades. They may come in the form of a pull-through sharpener, a sharpening stick, or a sharpening stone. What makes them different than regular knife sharpeners is that they have a small “V” shaped cross-section that can be worked inside each serrated tooth. Some of the serrated knife hones are triangular in their shape in order to accommodate the serrations, and they can be tapered to accommodate many differently sized serrations. The same principles apply to choosing a serrated knife sharpener as choosing a regular knife sharpener, including materials and sharpener styles.

Some of these sharpeners can be used both for plain blades and for serrated ones. Gut hooks and fishhooks, found on some knives designed for hunting or other outdoor uses, can be sharpened using this type of sharpener. Pocket-sized serrated knife sharpeners are perfect if you carry a pocketknife with a serrated blade section.

When using the knife sharpener on a serrated blade, regardless of what type of sharpener you choose, keep the angle in mind. On a knife with a partially serrated blade, the serrations are nearly always ground at the same angle as the plain edge portion of the same blade. When sharpening the serrated edge, it should be kept at this same angle to give it as close to the original factory edge as possible. Some styles of knife sharpeners have a system for holding the knife at a specified angle so that you can be sure each of the teeth is sharpened at the angle you choose.

When sharpening serrated knives, you can’t just draw the knife across a sharpening stone like a plain knife blade. To sharpen the serrations, work the hone perpendicular to the cutting edge of each serration. A serrated knife should be sharpened one tooth at a time, which can be time consuming. Only move on to the next tooth when you can see or feel a raised burr of metal. Then flip the knife over, and lightly grind the burr off from the backside of the knife.

Although it can take patience to sharpen serrated blades, the actual process is not that difficult. Don’t let fear of the process scare you away from sharpening the serrated knives. As long as you have the right sharpener, specifically one that is designed for serrated blades, it is possible to return your serrated knives to close to their original sharpness.

Best Places To Visit In The USA


The USA is a vast country and one that has multiple different states with different laws, cultures, and climates. You can’t only visit one destination in America then and feel like you’ve seen all there is to see – seeing all of the America is something that most of the residents have never done and something that would take up a huge number of holidays.

For this reason, it makes more sense to just visit the hot spots – though there are a lot of those too and a lot of sites and locations that most people would consider ‘must see.’ Again this would take a very long time to achieve, but if you use multi-center holidays the, USA, then it’s a lot more possible. Using multi-center holidays the USA you can visit two or more locations in the country in a single visit and this then means that you can rest assured you’ve seen all the best the country has to offer I a much shorter time. Here we will look at some of the places you should visit during multi-center holidays the USA.

#1 – Las Vegas

Las Vegas is something that has to be seen to be believed, and for that reason, it has to be seen. This is a city that is dedicated entirely to entertainment and enjoyment, and it has something for everyone. The Casinos here are of course the highlight, and a walk down the strip will be breathtaking for even the most jaded traveler as the hotels faithfully recreate many of the world’s most famous landmarks only glitzier. It’s not just gambling either – there are shows, massages, games, shopping centers, places to eat and more and all of it is truly incredible. Then not far from Vegas is the amazing Grand Canyon, which is arguably the most impressive natural formation on the planet. None can gaze into its abyss and not feel incredibly in awe of its size.

#2 – Miami

Miami is a little further South and exchanges the dry heat of the desert for a hot and humid climate. This is a great place to hit clubs and to enjoy some of the most impressive beaches in the country and it’s for this reason that Miami is the focus of so many songs and the haunt of so many celebrities. And Disney Land Florida isn’t far either, which is a huge draw for the kids. It’s easy to find multi-center holidays to Miami and Las Vegas, so this is a perfect combo.

#3 – New York

There’s no capital city quite like New York, New York and if you enjoy feeling metropolitan and sipping cocktails at the top of huge buildings then this is the best place to visit.

#4 –┬áLos Angeles

LA is the home of Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and San Francisco. It has more fantastic beaches, more theme parks, and it’s got a magic atmosphere all of its own. It’s not far from Vegas either, so you can visit here if you are doing multi-center holidays to Miami and Las Vegas fairly quickly.