Does Your Seo Service Know About Unethical Practices

There are sites that have been temporarily or permanently banned from search engines for practicing of black-hat SEO techniques. As the search engines try their best to provide the most relevant and useful results to the users, the reaction of search engines against malpractices of SEO is easily understandable. The retribution is a constructive step taken by search engines to avoid any irrelevant and manipulated search result. Moreover, the seo north lakes services that claim to achieve top ranking for websites adapt many unethical methods of search engine optimization to make easy money. But, the consequences of hiring such SEO services are always devastating. In a nutshell, the future of your website as well as your online business is at stake if you are not aware of the SEO practices that can lead you to a catastrophe.

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Basically, the SEO services are designed to enhance the online visibility of a website that can generate relevant and target traffic. But, there is always a wide gap between optimization and manipulated optimization. Optimization is a natural process of applying SEO techniques for high rankings in search engines, where as manipulated optimization is something considered illegal by search engines and should be better avoided. Basically, manipulating keyword density, Link spamming and duplicate content are the basic forms of SEO malpractices.

Keyword Density

The most considered topic in SEO is keyword. All link building techniques and content development strategies are developed around keywords. Moreover, the search engine results are also based on keywords. Hence, many SEO services go to the extent of over-optimization with keywords to secure high ranking of their clients? websites. Keyword stuffing is the common and widespread unethical technique of SEO and can result in serious penalties for the websites. Generally, 3-7% keyword density is considered ideal including their use in title of the page, body of the content, headline, subheadings and link texts.

Link Spamming

Assuming the number of links to an essential factor responsible for higher rankings of a website many SEO services go for building links from link farms and other irrelevant sites. Sometimes, the search engines have reported spam even with reciprocal linking. Natural link building is the best option if you want to be in a safe zone in link building. Any kind of link spamming is like inviting penalties from the search engines. It is important to note that for major search engines such as Google, it is the quality of incoming link that adds value to a website.

Duplicate Content

It is the basic SEO rule that content should be unique. Duplicate content means having two pages on the web with same content. Search engines glare at the websites that copy content from other websites. A website having two pages with similar content is also treated as duplicate.

Doorway pages or redirection is another form of SEO manipulation.

Search engines simply don?t like any unethical use of SEO and determine penalties for the websites according to the intensity of the crime. Hence, SEO services should comply with the search engine norms for long-term positive results.